Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I mean really??

Ok, so this will be the first of many installments of my daily rants and raves. Inspired by my favorite morning show, Ive decided to start blogging about all these daily happenings. Today we are going to touch on a few so I will get right to it then....

*****9 year old hooters costume*****
Ok first of all, can someone tell me how the hooters outfit is even available in the size of a 9 year old girl? I'm sorry but WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY COUNTRY??? No really!! This country was supposed to be founded on God and MORALS! Right? I mean if you are reading this and you didn't already know American History! Make sure you do a VERY in depth research on our forefathers because more times than not, the real purpose for freedom is left out.

Back to this little girl...the mother sees nothing wrong with it! That's what kills me! Not that I'm saying I'm perfect as a mother but my 8 year old would never ask such a thing and do you know why?? Because I have taught her from day one, 3 VERY IMPORTANT things that every girl should know.

1-Your body is a precious gift made by God and you are supposed to take care of it, and keep it safe for the husband that God has planned for you.....(which includes not flaunting your "girlie bits)
2-If you are the kind of girl that dresses provocatively, it invites the wrong kind of attention from the wrong kind of man and you will be very unhappy and will fall very short of the will of God.
3-your father and I will beat you senseless because we were placed as your parents by God and that means its our job to teach you right from wrong soooooo....DON'T DO IT OR ELSE!

Ok so yes the last one is slightly outdone, but again, you don't see my daughter asking me to wear these fact, she wanted to be a belly dancer but instead chose an angel for Halloween because she couldn't find a belly dancer that covered their tummy and she refused to show her tummy (aww my babygirl).
What got my blood boiling even more? 2 hooters girls called in and said that they don't see anything wrong with it. That hooters is a family restaurant and they get kids in their establishment every day. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Is this America or Sodom and Gomorrah? I mean really!! I would NEVER take my sons to Hooters. They know about it...we've driven past it quite a few times. Ive told them whats inside and thankfully they have no interest and hopefully wont because I have also taught my sons (more like drilled it in their heads since they were babies) that women are Gods gift to them and that they are NOT to be disrespected or treated as objects for them to look at. Sure they can appreciate Gods beauty but to say something is beautiful and to lust after it is 2 different things. Something I think every boy should be taught because its absolutely disgusting....the way that men objectify women these days.
Ok so I was listening to one lady talk about how she sees nothing wrong with it. She used to work at Hooters and bla bla bla but I found it funny that she refused to say what she did for a living now....the radio host asked if it was anything to do with adult entertainment or dancing and she said "no, the other end of the spectrum, I'm a businesswoman and I don't want my company to know that I was a hooters girl"

ummmm not saying shes stupid or anything BUT GEEEEEZ!!! I mean really??? Wasn't that kinda making the whole point?

So....would you let your daughter at 9 dress like a hooters girl? What are your feelings about it. How would you feel if your son had a crush on the 9 year old girl in a hooters costume....until yesterday I thought that idea was far am I just old fashioned? Is it my religious beliefs? Is it because I am the daughter of a minister. I'm sorry but it scares me to think of what the future holds for my children....its not just America, its all over but I'm coming down hard on America because I am an American and I know this country was founded for better purposes than this.

Another thing you have to think about is the level of danger you are putting your child through when you allow her to dress or act like that. We have no idea who opens the door to answer the "TRICK OR TREAT"! For all we know, they could be a pedophile!! Which btw, I urge ALL parents to please check your state list of sexual offenders before choosing the neighborhood BEFORE you go! You will be shocked and at least you will know where to stay away from.

I cant tell you how many kids are just dropped off and left to trick or treat by themselves....young children!! Not me buddy! I am right there walking with them the whole time....In fact, we all do! We make it a big family thing....Micheal, me, Steph and Jon and we walk with them every step of the way. Actually, I was so paranoid that I didn't allow my children to trick or treat for the longest time lol.

Ok, so do you think I'm just over doing it? Do you think in the case of this little girl, maybe its the mother seeking attention? I mean, I would love to know the thought process behind this.